GenCon, SLGC, and our Contest Sneak Preview

GenCon and SLGC

GenCon and Salt Lake Gaming Con were amazing! We met so many awesome people, and got many ideas on how to improve the game. I want to start out by saying how nice it was to meet all of you and how thankful I am for any help you may have offered! We got some great feedback that we're taking into account as we update the cards this week. Here's some photos of the events - 

Social Media Contest!

In other news, we have a social media contest coming up! If you're looking to win a new beta deck and a chance to give us your thoughts, keep an eye on our pages next week!

Here's a sneak peek -

What's Next?

Next week, we'll have another patch notes containing all of the new updates for all of the hardcore fans out there to check out! This iteration we're trying to up the amount of Charge each Mech gives. Will we ruin the game? Will the Kaiju finally break down the wall and destroy humanity as we know it? Find out on the next episode of... Outchasers updates!