Denver Comic Con - Year 2

We are super excited to announce our return to DCC! Last year DCC was our first ever public showing of Outchasers. It was incredible and we met so many awesome people. This year we will be back with a vengeance, a much improved version of Outchasers, and possibly some cool merch you guys can pick up! We've learned and grown a lot in the last year and we're excited to see all of you again!


Another important note: We have pushed back the launch date of the kickstarter to May 24th. This will allow us to run the campaign while we're at comic con, which will be best for everyone involved. If you're curious about the new changes to the game, or want to remember what the game is like before you back the Kickstarter, Denver Comic Con will be the perfect opportunity.

So come hang out with us in the EDGE section of Denver Comic Con this spring!

See you soon!