GenCon 2015

GenCon 2015 is finally here and we are beyond excited to be demoing Outchasers in the First Exposure Playtest Hall! We'll be playing with our brand new prototype version of the game with all of the updated cards, new helper cards, and fancy new card backs. If you're interested in coming to hang out with us here's our GenCon Playtesting schedule.

Friday 8 - 10am, 4 - 6pm

Saturday 2 - 4pm, 6-8pm

Sunday 10-Noon

We would also love to meet and talk with anyone who would like to check out the game whether you're involved in games media or just someone who digs cool games with giant robots. Drop us a line on Twitter at @outchasers.

We'll be posting pics on social media of our epic adventure, so make sure to stay tuned!