Out of cards? Check out our new rule...

This last week we were able to really sit down and go through some design problems. We’ve got some fun changes to show you in the coming weeks, but first... the newest addition to the rules:

When you run out of cards, you may sacrifice half of your Mech’s health (rounded up) to reshuffle your entire discard pile back into your deck. Yikes... steep, right?

Well, while play testing we had a few games go on until both players ran out of cards and ended in a stalemate. That outcome was something we had left in intentionally, but it's a huge bummer. So we heard your complaints and responded. This rule should open up the late game and keep that aggro engine running.

This issue was compounded by the fact that Chromia would have an infinite deck and could simply outlast her opponent. Outlasting is a play style we want in the game, but those games were about as fun as a high school commencement speech.

Think this rule will help the game? Or did we just wreck your favorite strategy? Let us know how you feel in the comments below -