Play Outchasers online with the designer this weekend!

Kickstarter has been amazing. We just hit 60% of our goal and we're gearing up for Denver Comic Con where we hope to get our final push! Until then, we're doing a "play with the designers" online event this Saturday and Sunday.

If you'd like to check out how the game works exactly, or you want the bragging rights of beating me at my own game, schedule a time to play -

also - Chibi Hagar :D

Bring your A game!


Outchasers is now live on Kickstarter!

Big Day! Big News! Our fourth launch video and the Kickstarter are both live! 🤘

Kickstarter! -

Launch Video! -

If I can break it down and get real for a sec, my friends and I have put our hearts and souls into Outchasers and we think it shows. We are passionate about this game and believe whole heartedly that you'll enjoy it over and over again just like we do. Your support means the world to us and we appreciate every little bit.

NOTE: We are giving away a set of pilots and mechs with alternate Chibi art for FREE if you back today. They are so cute it hurts. This offer is only good today on any reward tier with the card game.



Video 2 is now live!

Hey guys!

Our second launch video is now live and people are really digging it! We've got some really fun stories about designing Outchasers that are definitely worth checking out, and on the same page you can download high-res versions of the wallpaper below. If you haven't seen it yet, go to and let us know what you think!

We're also running a quick contest to win a FREE copy of Outchasers that ends when the Kickstarter launches! Help us spread the word and join the contest here

The First 'Making of' Video is Now Live!

Hello friends!

We are now one week away from Kickstarter and we couldn't be more excited! Before we launch, we have an awesome behind the scenes set of interviews giving a sneak peek into the development of Outchasers.

The first video of that series is live right now at Go on! Click it! You might like it!


This first video tells the history of Outchasers, with some tips on how we worked on the project. Later on we'll be talking with our concept artist and illustrator Brett Nienburg, game designer Nick Grieco, and narrative designer James Pianka. Also, as the we post the rest of series we will be giving away some awesome FREE GIFTS!

We all hope you enjoy watching these videos as much as we enjoyed making them! Talk to you soon!


The Countdown Begins! Two Weeks Till Kickstarter!

Today we are exactly two weeks away from our Kickstarter! I’m super pumped to finally get this beast out to all of you and couldn’t be prouder of all that we’ve accomplished. I’m also excited to announce that we have been developing a behind the scenes video series that will be launching next week! 

We’ve got in-depth interviews featuring:

Game Designers Nick Grieco and Cooper Heinrichs (me),
Concept Artist and Illustrator Brett Nienburg,
Narrative Designer James Pianka

We’ll be talking about all sorts of good stuff regarding the creation of Outchasers, so if you’re interested in any of these topics make sure to check the videos out.

We will also be unveiling our Kickstarter rewards as things get closer, so stay tuned!

Denver Comic Con - Year 2

We are super excited to announce our return to DCC! Last year DCC was our first ever public showing of Outchasers. It was incredible and we met so many awesome people. This year we will be back with a vengeance, a much improved version of Outchasers, and possibly some cool merch you guys can pick up! We've learned and grown a lot in the last year and we're excited to see all of you again!


Another important note: We have pushed back the launch date of the kickstarter to May 24th. This will allow us to run the campaign while we're at comic con, which will be best for everyone involved. If you're curious about the new changes to the game, or want to remember what the game is like before you back the Kickstarter, Denver Comic Con will be the perfect opportunity.

So come hang out with us in the EDGE section of Denver Comic Con this spring!

See you soon!


We Pimped Our Ride

These past few weeks have been all about taking our old clunker Equipment and whipping em into shape. We've been keeping most things under wraps, but this will be the first of a series of juicy updates. We've been focusing on some fun stuff like our next graphic design rework, new faction names, and card names, our kickstarter video, as well as some not so fun stuff like instructions. 

Without further ado, here are three of our basic set cards with a fresh coat of paint and new individual card names!



Here's how they look when they're chained together - 

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.14.31 AM.png

For now, what do you think about the new designs? If Xzibit pimped your ride, what would he put in your trunk to make it unusable?

We're Back In Action With Your Favorite Thing - An Updated Pilot Ability

I know it's been a while and for that I'd like to apologize. I've been going through a rough patch and have had trouble keeping up. But no more! I'm posting today to show off a new pilot ability we're trying out, as well as the fresh coat of paint we've thrown on the cards.


As we've updated pilot abilities over the course of the last six months, Pryce continued to be one of our favorites. It was one of the only abilities we designed right out of the gate that seemed to stick around and feel strong and unique. You could use it to stack giant weapons, which let you borderline one-shot people. Or, if you saved up enough charge, move everything into one weapon slot and attack, then move it all into another weapon slot and attack again for monster numbers. This was fun when you had the chance to use it, but other pilots were being used once per turn or more, while Pryce was used about once per game. On top of that he always set up a situation where you won or lost in the next turn. When you compare moving equipments to drawing and using free cards, it just wasn't worth playing with anymore, so here's our new ability: Tempest. 



This is a dynamic ability that lets you use temporary cards to attack and then at the end of the turn they return to your hand. This will allow you to use the higher attack equipment cards without worrying that they'll be destroyed the turn you play them, or keep those equipments with fun abilities around for longer. We also think it will feel very unique compared the the newly galvanized striking pilots.


What do you think of the new ability? What would your pilot ability be? Let us know in the comments below.




GenCon, SLGC, and our Contest Sneak Preview

GenCon and SLGC

GenCon and Salt Lake Gaming Con were amazing! We met so many awesome people, and got many ideas on how to improve the game. I want to start out by saying how nice it was to meet all of you and how thankful I am for any help you may have offered! We got some great feedback that we're taking into account as we update the cards this week. Here's some photos of the events - 

Social Media Contest!

In other news, we have a social media contest coming up! If you're looking to win a new beta deck and a chance to give us your thoughts, keep an eye on our pages next week!

Here's a sneak peek -

What's Next?

Next week, we'll have another patch notes containing all of the new updates for all of the hardcore fans out there to check out! This iteration we're trying to up the amount of Charge each Mech gives. Will we ruin the game? Will the Kaiju finally break down the wall and destroy humanity as we know it? Find out on the next episode of... Outchasers updates!

Salt Lake Gaming Con

It's been a crazy week, but just after finishing one of the biggest gaming conventions in the world, we're off to another one.

This weekend we'll be showing off Outchasers at Salt Lake Gaming Con! Look for a red tablecloth and our big Outchasers banners in the Tabletop section of the show. We'll have games going all weekend so definitely stop by with any friends you would enjoy metaphorically beating up with a giant robot.

For our specific booth location, make sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter. We'll make sure to keep everyone updated on our whereabouts!

GenCon 2015

GenCon 2015 is finally here and we are beyond excited to be demoing Outchasers in the First Exposure Playtest Hall! We'll be playing with our brand new prototype version of the game with all of the updated cards, new helper cards, and fancy new card backs. If you're interested in coming to hang out with us here's our GenCon Playtesting schedule.

Friday 8 - 10am, 4 - 6pm

Saturday 2 - 4pm, 6-8pm

Sunday 10-Noon

We would also love to meet and talk with anyone who would like to check out the game whether you're involved in games media or just someone who digs cool games with giant robots. Drop us a line on Twitter at @outchasers.

We'll be posting pics on social media of our epic adventure, so make sure to stay tuned!




The cards, they are a changin'!

First! We're launching a contest next week on social media! If you're jonesin' to play now, and with all the new shiny updates,  make sure you watch our social media pages next week for a chance to win a fresh spankin new early copy of Outchasers.

Next! We've made a ton of fun changes to the cards based on all the feedback of our amazing beta testers. The most notable change is yet another buff to trap cards. Detecting a trap and bluffing are still not present enough in the moment to moment gameplay, and the consequences of hitting a trap are not harsh enough. To remedy this, we've added some new trap cards, and made the existing ones stronger. If you want to get nitty gritty, you can read our entire two and a half pages of patch notes below. But for now, let's talk about our newest strike!



This card is a harsh reset, that will allow players who are behind to entirely clear the board. Hopefully, we'll see this card open up the game and create situations where players can make a real comeback. It will also give a stronger advantage to strategies that primarily equip armor slots.

The second card strutting down the runway is a new trap. One of our favorite pilots in the game is Kayhu, who allows you to Equip cards straight out of your deck. We channeled our inner dreadlocked red-eyed sword wielder and thought, how can we make a fun defensive trap? Well, here it is! Get excited! 

Hate these new cards? Does your cat refuse to get out of your dryer? I'm not sure if we can help, but let us know in the comments!

If you'd like to check out our full patch notes, click here.

Beta - Round 2 Full Patch Notes

Cards have been rotated for readability. The Strike value is in the top right corner, and the Equip information is on the left side of the card. If players fan the cards in your hand most players can now read the equip text easier.

There is now a copyright on the Core cards

New updated card backs for both types of cards.

Some Pilots and Mechs have had their colors corrected.

Balance changes -


Hexia - Old - 1 Charge. “Your next Pyro Strike can target the enemy Mech directly.”

New - 1 Charge. “If you have two or more Cores, Strike with a Pyro Strike. It can target the enemy Mech directly.” This change was made for clarity’s sake, as most players assume this is how it works. The wording change makes this much easier to use, so we put a limit on it with Cores.

Chromia - Chromia’s ability now costs 2 Charges, up from 1.

Vaie - Old - 2 Charges. “Attack with an Armor slot for double it’s Attack value. This counts as an Attack”.

New - 1 Charge. “Attack with an Armor. Use it’s Armor value instead of it’s Attack value.”

Hagar - Old - 1 Charge. “Once per turn, search your discard pile for an Equipment and Equip as an Armor.

New - 1 Charge. “Once per turn, search your discard for a card and Equip it as an Armor, face up or face down.”

Pryce - Old - 2 Charge. “Re-position all of your equipments in combat in any position.”

New - 2 Charge. “Re-position all of your equipments in play to any position.”


Farstrider - Old - Whenever your enemy reveals one of your Electro Equipments, gain a Charge.

New - Whenever you attack with an Electro Equipments, gain a Charge.

Thraxe - No Thraxe changes! We’re thinking that with the alteration of the draw Core, Thraxe should be more in line. We’re definitely keeping an eye on him, and have good ideas to limit him as well.

As you’ll see in the Equipment notes, we put more direct damage into the game. Once we see how that really affects things, we will be taking another look at different Mechs and their HP.


Beta049 - Old - Cost 3 “At the beginning of your turn, your Mech gains one health.”

New - Cost 2 “At the beginning of your turn, your Mech repairs one health.” This will hopefully reflect that you cannot go above max health.

Beta056 - Old - Cost 4 “Draw a second card at the start of your turn.”

New - Cost 4 “Draw a second card at the start of your turn and discard a card.”


Notation Key - Strike Value | Equip Attack / Hp - Effect

Beta008 - Old - 5 "If this Strike destroys an equipment, draw a card” | 4/3 New - 5 If this Strike destroys an equipment, draw a card” | 3/4 and added “Whenever this Weapon deals damage to an Equipment, deal 3 damage directly to the enemy Mech.”

Beta013 - Old - 4 “Look at the top 3 cards of your deck and rearrange them in any order” | 5/2- Has been moved to electro - Beta017.

New - 3 “Look at the top 3 cards of your deck and rearrange them in any order” | 2/6 “Whenever you claim a Core, reveal the top card of your deck and equip it as a weapon.”

Beta014 - Old - 4 | 1/1 “Trap deal 4 damage to all enemy weapons.

New - 4 | 1/1 “Trap - Deal 8 damage to an enemy weapon.”.

Beta016 - Old 3 | 3/4 “Whenever your enemy claims a core, gain a Charge.”

New 3+x | 4+x/3 “X is equal to the number of Cores your opponent controls.”

Beta017 - Old 2 | 3/6 “Whenever you claim a Core, you may Equip.”

New 4 “Look at the top 3 cards of your deck and rearrange them in any order.” | 5/2

Beta019 - Old - 4 | 0/4 “Trap - End your opponent’s turn.”

New - 4 | 0/4 “Trap - End your opponent's turn. They collect no Charges.”

Beta025 - Old - “When you attack with this Equipment, negate target Equipment’s abilities.”

New - “When you attack with this Equipment, choose an enemy Equipment and negate it’s ability.”

Beta026 - Old - 3 “This Strike damages all chained equipments in target slot” | 2/4

New - 4 “This Strike damages all chained equipments in target slot” | 2/4

Beta027 - Old - 4 | 5/2 “When this Equipment is destroyed, you may Equip.”

New - 4 | 5/2 “When this Equipment is destroyed, you may Equip another card from your hand”

Beta028 - Old - 2 “If able, this Strikes every enemy Equipment slot.” | 2/4

New - 3 “If this Strike destroys an Equipment, return it to your hand instead of discarding it.” | 2/4

Beta029 - Old - 3 | 3/4 “If able, this Strikes both Weapon slots.

New - 0 | 4/4 “Reveal a face-down Equipment without triggering abilities. If it's a trap, deal 4 damage to the enemy mech. If it's not, take 4 damage.”

Beta031 - Old - 4 | 3/4 “Trap - Draw a card.”

New - X “X is equal to target opponent's Charges.” | 0/5 “At the end of your turn, deal damage to target opponent's Mech equal to their Charges.”

Beta035 - Old “If this destroys an enemy equipment, you may Equip.” and “If this Equipment destroys an Equipment, you may Equip. dawg.”

New “If this destroys an enemy Equipment, you may Equip another card from your hand.” and “If this Equipment destroys an Equipment, you may Equip this card with a card from your hand. Dawg.”

Beta040 - Old - 0 “If your Mech attacked this turn, double your Charges” | 3/5 

New - 5 | “This Strike cannot target Equipments.” 7/1 “If this Equipment destroys the last equipment in a chain, deal all remaining damage to the enemy Mech”.

Beta041 - Old 5 | 2/5 “When you claim a Core, draw a card.

New - 3 | 9/9 “At the end of your turn, discard this Equipment unless you pay 2 Charges.”

Beta044 - Old 0 “Search your deck for a Geo Equipment and put it into your hand” | 2/5 “Trap - Gain 1 Charge.”

New - 0 “Search your deck for a Geo Equipment and put it into your hand” | 2/5 “Trap - Draw two cards and Equip them as Armor.”

Beta045 - Old - “Trap - Equip”

New - “Trap - After damage is resolved, Equip a card from your hand.”

Beta047 - Old - 3 “You may Attack with one of your Armor slots this turn.” | 3/5

New - 0 “If you have no Weapons equipped, destroy all chained Equipments.” | 3/5

Beta048 - Changed to 2+x | 3/5+x


Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments man. Peace and love man. They call 'em "fingers," but I never see 'em fing.

Out of cards? Check out our new rule...

This last week we were able to really sit down and go through some design problems. We’ve got some fun changes to show you in the coming weeks, but first... the newest addition to the rules:

When you run out of cards, you may sacrifice half of your Mech’s health (rounded up) to reshuffle your entire discard pile back into your deck. Yikes... steep, right?

Well, while play testing we had a few games go on until both players ran out of cards and ended in a stalemate. That outcome was something we had left in intentionally, but it's a huge bummer. So we heard your complaints and responded. This rule should open up the late game and keep that aggro engine running.

This issue was compounded by the fact that Chromia would have an infinite deck and could simply outlast her opponent. Outlasting is a play style we want in the game, but those games were about as fun as a high school commencement speech.

Think this rule will help the game? Or did we just wreck your favorite strategy? Let us know how you feel in the comments below - 

Denver Comic Con

Thank you to everyone who we met at Comic Con! This past weekend was a complete blur. DCC was our first public showing of Outchasers, and it couldn't have been better. We had over one hundred players give the game a try, and people had a great time with it! We're really excited to get working on all of the feedback you guys gave us so we can keep making the game better before release. If you have any more suggestions, keep em coming!

In the coming months we will be keep you guys updated with our next moves, including a look into the new changes to the game, sneak peeks into our development process, the next conventions we're going to, and more.

Make sure to keep up!