Outchasers is a 1v1 strategy card game where players pick a mech and pilot and battle each other over a resource called ‘cores’. Players use equipment cards to build weapons and armor, strike their opponent directly, and collect Cores which give lasting benefits until they can destroy their opponent. Alternatively, if a player can collect five cores before their mech is destroyed, they win the game. Within the 72 card Outchasers starter pack is everything 2 people need to play the game; 6 Pilots and 6 Mechs to combine however you choose, 5 of 10 Cores randomly placed into each game, and 48 Equipment cards split between each player. With multiple strategic formats of varying difficulties, every single head­ to ­head match offers the perfect balance of strategy and luck to make sure each game is a unique experience, all brought to life by the amazing art of Brett Nienburg. 



Players choose from 1 of 6 pilots, and 1 of 6 mechs. Each one has it's own unique strategic ability, and they can all be used in any combination. Pilots have awesome abilities you can use by spending energy.



Mechs give you energy by playing a certain way, allowing you more actions on your turn, and more strategic options.


Equipment cards are the main cards you pay with during Outchasers. Each card can be played two different ways. You can play them vertically for instant damage and an effect, which then gets discarded. Or you can play them horizontally and equip them to your mech as a weapon or an armor.


Cores can be purchased with Charge to give passive benefits and make certain cards stronger. There are 10 in a set of Outchasers, and each game is played with a randomized group of 5. This makes every game unique, and players have to adapt their strategies depending on what is drawn.



During a turn you may play one card and attack with one of your weapon slots. If you decide to skip one of those actions, at the end of your turn you receive a Charge token. These tokens can be used to play more cards on your turn, use your pilots special ability, attack with a different weapon, or buy Cores. Mechs will give you charge for playing a specific way so that you don't always have to skip actions.